Feast Yr Ears

First week almost done with the new format and so far we are loving it! Having the counter filled with folks enjoying their sandwiches, bowls, and drinks - all chock full o’ ferments - is a total pleasure. We’ve been pretty consistently busy every day, but nothing out of control. We have a little bit to learn on how to organize ourselves and to use our register better…at least I do ha ha…I’ve had to ask guests a couple of times to repeat their sauce or beverage preference. Mostly it’s because I get too excited with each order and get to talking to everyone about how stoked we are about everything…ha! Time to reel it back, Adams.

Anyway, was super excited to have a chance to talk with Harry over at Feast Yr Ears on the Heritage Radio Network last week. It went up on their site on Monday, and it might be the first conversation I’ve had where I didn’t hate listening to myself talk. We covered a lot of subjects, but found a lot of parallels about us both growing up overweight and unpopular and finding punk music.

If you’d like to hear me say the F*#k a lot, go check it out by following this link: https://heritageradionetwork.org/podcast/aaron-adams-of-farm-spirit-pdx-and-fermenter-pdx/

Hope to see a bunch of y’all in the shop soon! Come munch a sandwich at the counter!


Farm Spirit