FARM SPIRIT RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT FACILITY. Fermenter serves as farm spirit’s research and development center, as well as a place to grab tasty eats. farm spirit’s mission is to represent the most definitive plant-based dining experience by delivering excellence in cuisine and service. We aim to redefine the concept of plant-based cookery through innovation and operating at a high level of excellence. This facility not only aims to serve the neighborhood, but is a place of research for Farm Spirit. Here we produce our ferments and other pantry items that allow us to explore new flavors in vegan cookery. A NEW PLANT KITCHEN. The time has come for plant based chefs to come together with the aim of producing a cuisine which compares to the finest kitchens in the world. We will achieve this aim through the careful production of seasonal, regionally expressive, produce driven cuisine balancing ethics, dietary considerations and good taste. We will promote our local producers and craftspeople. We will develop new applications and developments to all things plant based, combining the best in modern and traditional cookery from around the world.

OUR ETHICS. We use the term “plant-based” when describing our cuisine because it more accurately represents us in the marketplace and allows us to reach customers we would otherwise not. We are, however, a solidly vegan restaurant. Regardless of any individual’s ethics within the organization, we don’t serve honey or any other animal products. We also don’t serve any analogs like vegan margarine, or use any tropical products. We are concerned that products like cashews, coconut, and the like are exploitative and problematic. no bigot zone. Homophobes, racists, islamophobes, misogynists, transphobes, and other xenophobes are not welcome here. We believe in fighting for a world that celebrates the diversity of our community. ENVIRONMENTALISM. Fermenter and Farm Spirit are working towards creating a smaller carbon footprint. We do this through composting, utilizing waste, and using less disposables. At Fermenter, all packaged food is packed in non-disposables, with a deposit or in a piece of wax paper. we also use paper bags which are not great but some people freak out if they can’t get a bag.  we also provide straws because some folks just need them and the bio straws don’t cut it for them. hypocrisy.  we understand that doing these things or making these declarations are not going to save the world. we understand that we’re still a business and we’re selling our labor for money and that all of this  won’t do a lot  to change how things are, but at the very least we can sleep a tiny bit better and feel a little bit less like a piece of garbage. at the end of the day, we are just some folks that want to make cool stuff and do the least amount of damage. we’re trying, folks. we’re trying. COST AND EXCLUSIVITY. Fine dining is problematic for many reasons. restaurants labor is often underpaid while at the same time pricing out most folks with high prices. we can’t deny, though, that out of fine dining came a lot of beautiful food and creative chefs. We believe that food produced at a high level is absolutely an art form and definitely a further development in the arts. we get it...Yes, it’s not necessary, but neither than is music or sculpture or theater or any of the other arts. we humans have a tendency to try to take the mundane aspects of our lives and make them more beautiful and interesting and we think that’s pretty amazing. The costs associated with fine dining often came from using luxury ingredients and unnecessary flourishes in service. A new approach to dining started to emerge a few years ago where younger chefs were eschewing the superfluous elements to focus on simplicity. Another shift was in the culture of the kitchen. In the old kitchen costs of goods sold were high and labor was paid near to nothing. We’ve joined the ranks of restaurants that have flipped that paradigm. We utilize local, seasonal products when they are at their most plentiful, cheapest and best. We don’t use luxury ingredients for the sake of using luxuries. We utilize off cuts to make new and exciting preparations. that doesn’t mean it’s super cheap to operate. a small scale farm is going to charge us a a lot more than if we bought some conventional produce from a farm  that uses exploitive practices. i guess what we’re saying is we’re comfortable charging what we charge because we like to pay people a useful and appropriate amount of money for their labor and goods. CRAFT. At Fermenter & Farm Spirit we like making things ourselves. Most everything you eat is made by us in house. farm spirit is 100% in house. at Fermenter, we outsource some things that we wouldn’t be able to produce enough of due to the limitations of our facility. We only work with producers who we feel represent similar values as our own.  LOCAL. “Local” has become a ridiculously overused buzzword, almost completely devoid of any real meaning in the marketplace, as it is totally relative and unregulated. At Fermenter and Farm Spirit we purchase directly from farmers for the produce we use. They either deliver it to us directly or we pick it up at one of the local farmer’s markets. We use local distributors to purchase some wild foraged items. We use two local distributors to purchase some sundry items. Besides vanilla, some of the oil, Kosher salt, spices, evaporated cane juice, and black tea, most everything comes from about 105 miles from the restaurant. We source most flour from Eastern Washington and Oregon, though much comes from Junction City. “street music” Most all of us here have grown up in some sort of punk or hip hop scene. This may seem silly to note, but we had to ask ourselves, did our younger selves believe in those lyrics we were screaming at the top of our lungs? Did we believe in that world that challenged the status quo? Did we forget when we got older? Nope. We still believe. We may all be flawed humans but at LEAST WE’RE trying. we are not suggesting coming and eating here is the answer. you gotta go fix some shit on your own.